Moving gracefully through full body waves.

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Moving our spinal vertebrates through their full range of motion relieves lower back pain and improves postures, so why leave the rest of the body out of the glory? This class offers up a entire body strength and flexibility flow focused primarily on undulations and wave-like motions.

The class is divided in three sections: Learning the flow slowly on one side, reviewing it a bit faster on the opposite side and then moving fluidly through the sequence like a dance!


Flexibility: The micro movements that occur during undulations gets our connective tissue dancing thus improving stiffness and flexibility in a non intrusive way.

Strength:Our spine is snuggled up around hundreds of muscle fibers that don’t often get a lot of love resulting in stiffness and aching. Undulation gets all these tiny muscles in motion strengthening straight at its core.

Memory:Yogance classes are designed to be done multiple times a week, eventually memorizing the movement sequence so it can be performed IN body and OUT of mind. This not only makes it an incredible physical workout but a mind workout as well.

Overall good stuff:When the spine is supple injury can be prevented, this pertains to the rest of the body as well. The delicate micro-movements undulations offers promotes a healthy and responsive body keeping us happy and pliant for much time to come. Not to mention, adding hot dance moves to your repertoire.


Undulate yoflow is primarily geared towards the more intermediate and advanced movers. With that said they are accessible for beginners who are looking to be challenged as well. Many modifications are offered and the beauty of online classes is that you can take it at your own pace (thank you pause and rewind buttons!) Take your time working up to the entire sequence. All classes are yours for three full months after purchase so there’s plenty of time to repeat, review and practice. Whoever is down for a challenging dance party, I say give it a go!


Follow along as you learn the flow and take in the instructions. Be sure to keep it BEYOUtiful by listening to your body talk and let the body move your way. Tamara “Cuchira” strongly encourages her beyoutiful warriors to keep their practice playful and free! Think of the flows as an outline or guide, not the end all be all. Feel free to experiment and play with the sequence. Modifications are given but think of your way to make the movements individual as need be. All classes are intended to be practiced multiple times a week within the 90 days. Enjoy the process and see if you can eventually memorize the sequence, transforming it into your YOUnique Yogance version of the original flow. Allow change to happens, stay open-minded, open-bodied and move free!

Photos by Alessandro Sigismondi
*All classes are good for three months after purchase. After the allowed three months class will automobile discontinue. Please note: There are no refunds after purchase.

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Tamara "Cuchira" Levinson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of fifteen she represented the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics team at the 1992 Olympic Games. Her love of free movement, individualism and truthful eMOTIONal exploration led her into a successful and ongoing 20 year professional dance, movement and choreography career.

She had the pleasure of dancing with many great artists such as Madonna on three world tours, dancing On-Broadway in New York City and touring internationally with avant-garde aerial shows, De La Guarda’s “Villa Villa” and Fuerzabruta as an original cast member.

Gathering up her vast knowledge in the many genres of movement (i.e. aerial arts, improvisation, choreography, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, commercial dance, yoga and a whole lot more...) she created Yogance and MovMEANT. This is her personal and professional life’s work in a nutshell filled with all sorts of surprises. Tamara is thrilled to be able to share all parts of her BEYOUtiful movement through her MovMEANT Online School.

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